Our Background

Wastahili Family Wellness Centre was founded in 2018 by Dr Eda J. B. Tatu as a response to an need to approach health challenges not from a ‘politically correct’ perspective, but from understanding the design of the human person as the Creator intended, and knowing how deviations from that design result in illness.
  • Empowerment of our clients through information and education about the core aspects of the human condition; the psychology of a created humanity.
  • Training for example Life Skills Training.
  • Mentorship for Youth.
  • Counseling to overcome life’s traumatic events/crises and transcending parental wounds.
To be a Centre of Excellence in Holistic Wellness, Counseling, Fertility Education, and Mediation services.
‘When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves’ (Anthony J. D’Angelo).

Core Values

Wastahili Wellness believes in the following ideals;
Sanctity of Life
Respect for the dignity of the life of the human person from conception until natural death throughout the human life cycle; human rights come from human dignity.
We offer high quality services to the satisfaction of our clients.
We promote team spirit in order to achieve the vision and mission.
We uphold a culture of ethics and transparency in all that we do.
We aim for the highest level of competence in our services.
Social Responsibility
We are committed to empowering people from all walks of life.
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Continuous Professional Development
Encourage and provide opportunities for self-development and personal growth amongst our staff.
The principle and practice of keeping sensitive information private unless the owner or custodian of the data gives explicit consent for it to be shared with another party.


The success of Wastahili Family Wellness Centre will depend on commitment to the core values of integrity, excellence, professionalism and a sense of social responsibility, impacting the community through knowledge of Truth.

Wastahili Family Wellness Centre

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Wastahili Family Wellness Centre

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Wastahili Family Wellness Centre

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Dr Eda J.B. Tatu

Dr Eda J.Beauttah Tatu is the Founder and Director of Wastahili Family Wellness Centre. She is a Medical Doctor registered with Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists' Board (KMPDB) and A Counseling Psychologist accredited with Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association(KCPA) based in Nairobi, Kenya. A Life Member of the International Association for  Disease-Free World (IADFW), she is also a a Certified Fertility Education Coach with Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM), an Addiction Recovery Coach with Goal International and a Certified Professional Mediator with Mediation Training Institute(I), East Africa.Her greatest passion is in Holistic Health, all aspects of Women's Health,  and empowering the next generation (Youth) to become the best version of themselves(Self Actualization) through Life Skills Training, and knowledge of Truth in every aspect of their Well Being.She is the proud mother of four adult children and grandmother to one granddaughter.
Dr. Eda J.B. Tatu