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Holistic Health & Wellness

Improved definition of health; A complete state of physical, mental, spiritual, family and environmental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.(ICPD 25 Side event; Vitae et Familia)

Natural Family Planning

NFP is part of a much wider concept called Fertility Education and Fertility Care, described above in FEMM This is a form of birth spacing that respects the natural anatomy and physiology of the human body, therefore has no adverse effects.

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

A pregnancy becomes a crisis when the woman perceives the pregnancy to be a threat to her emotional and physical well-being. The pregnancy is perceived as a threat because of the people in her life, the circumstances that exist and the pressures that bear down upon her. 

Our Calling

We are passionate about provision of counseling services. It is our calling. The moment you reach us, you will know why we are saying so.

What's Counseling?

Parsons and Wicks(1994) Define counseling as an interpersonal relationship of helping a client to develop, rediscover his or her problem-solving skills by using a variety of techniques and approaches that are initiated within the context of a helping, facilitating relationship and interpersonal exchange.

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Our Motto

‘When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves’ (Anthony J. D’Angelo).